Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I feel like I have seen "Thankful Thursday" as blog titles in the past, but today, I wanted to do my own thankful post.  I feel like I need to step back and be reminded of all the little things that are making me happy today.

Today, I am thankful for this little guy.  He gets this face every time I tell him he can't do something.  It's cute.  Even though I feel like it's happening a lot these days:)  Today this face appeared because I pulled him down from climbing the stairs.  I let him climb them with me watching, and then it had been long enough.  He didn't like that too much. He brings countless smiles and laughter  He shows me love.  I love him.
Today, I am thankful for Mickey Mouse Club House.  This 24 minute show (on demand) allowed me to write thank you notes for Jack's first birthday presents.  I know the latest reports:  no TV until 2, but really?  I think it's OK for my child to watch a little bit, and I feel thankful that Jack likes Mickey Mouse.  

Today, I am thankful for my new Stella and Dot ring which showed up in the cutest package in my mailbox yesterday afternoon. It was as if Christmas came early, and even though I knew it was coming, it's always exciting to get something in the mail.  (Maybe I should send more letters...) I know a ring sounds like such a  superficial thing to be thankful for, but since I rarely buy for myself anymore,  it is a very pretty, little treat.  I am wearing it as I type this, and I love looking at it.  Although, Jack really likes it too, which means I probably will only end up wearing it when I am not around him:)

Today, I am thankful for a girls beach weekend.  Tomorrow evening, I will be departing Raleigh and heading to the beach with 3 other wonderful friends from my childhood.  This trip is very much needed.  I feel like lately I have been stuck in a rut in many ways in my life.  I am praying that this weekend will a rejuvenation for all for of us.  A time to laugh, cry, and just be together.  I cannot wait:)

What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jack's Birthday Party

This little boy had a birthday party.  A baseball-themed birthday party.  It was held in my in-laws backyard under a tent complete with 2 fire pits (as it was FREEEZINGGG).  I didn't want to go too over the top, since the party was mostly for me, as Jack will more than likely not remember it.  I just wanted my little one to look  back on his first birthday and say, "wow, my mommy really loved me."

Here was some of the decor:

                                           Old baseballs in hurricane vases with ribbon.
                                                           A birthday boy's high chair.
                                            A birthday banner made of card stock and ribbon.
                                           Thanks to my amazing sister Kaitlyn for her help!

                                         A timeline of pictures from birth to present.
                                             A picture for each month of life.
                              The wind wasn't too kind to this idea, but nonetheless, it was cute:)

For the food, I wanted to continue the baseball theme. We had hotdogs, of course, and nachos.  I also wanted more kid friendly food, so we had a chick-fila tray, fruit tray with yummy, low fat pumpkin dip (Try this recipe, brownie bites, goldfish (of course!), and baseball cupcakes courtesy of Whole Foods.  They did an excellent job on the cupcakes.  They looked just like baseballs, and made a special New York Yankees one for Jack (well, more for Jim, who is a HUGE Yankee fan).

                                          Thank goodness for Jim's dad who already had a hot dog cart!
                                                             It was perfect for the party!

                                                         Nachos and cheese station.

Jack wasn't as in to the cake as I had thought he would be.  He kept trying to feed it to me.  I guess he knows his mommy loves cake:)

The biggest hit of the party was the wagon that Aunt Miriam and Uncle Dan bought for Jack.  He absolutely LOVES that thing.  We put him in, his Papa pulled him around the yard, and he would grip the sides and just laugh.  It was so incredibly cute.  Plus, I think every little kid needs a wagon.  I can't wait to use it at the beach this summer.

We bought a little ball pit for Jack and the few other "friends" he had at the party.  He kept saying, "ba ba."


                                           Aunt Kaitlyn spoiled her nephew.  She got him:
                                           This little step stool that she painted his name on,
                                           his first pair of Toms,
                                           and this adorable monogrammed longall complete with polo and cardigan.
                                           He is going to look adorable!
                                           My sister Kaitlyn and I
                                           Kaitlyn and my mom
                                           Jim's mom, Nana, with Jack
                                           Uncle Dan
                                           Paige and Jack
                                           Anna and I (I know it's blurry, but it's the only one).  SO glad she came!
                                           My dad, Grandpa, and Jack
                                            My parents and I with Jack.

                                           Jack with his favorite aunts, Miriam and Kaitlyn.

What a wonderful first birthday party!  I can't believe my baby boy is already one.  I know everyone always says that, but seriously, I feel it was just yesterday I was carrying him around in the baby bjorn, standing next to the sink with the water running, singing Silent Night, and praying he would let me put him down. Now, I can't keep up with him!